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Welcome to the official website of the Greater Salt Lake Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Chartered on May 1, 1988, the chapter serves the greater Salt Lake area of the state of Utah. As a chapter, we remain activated, motivated and committed to the mission and vision of the Sorority's Founders and will fulfill that calling through the Sorority’s Five-Point Programmatic Thrust. We encourage you to explore our website for information on our chapter history, programs and events and invite you to join our mailing list or connect with us on social media.

In August, the Census Bureau announced that field data collection for
Census 2020 will end a full month earlier than originally planned.
To be counted, households must complete the survey
by September 30, rather than October 31.

This new deadline will rush the enumeration process,
which may result in inadequate follow-up and under count 
millions of people of color, rural residents, people with disabilities, and immigrants.

Our communities will miss out on critical funding and resources for the next 10 years
if we do not complete the census by the new deadline. 

New Census Deadline: September 30th. 
For more information, please visit  

This year is the most crucial voting year in United States history. Voters will determine what direction they want the country to head in. Black/African-Americans are the most crucial voting block in the U.S. We decide who wins and who doesn’t, so join us along with other black organizations and leaders throughout Utah as we make our voices heard at the polls. Do not listen to those voices in the media or day to day life, who say change cannot happen in your community, change cannot happen in Utah, that change cannot happen in the U.S.; they are wrong and we will show them by making change this election.
Our voices have been overlooked for so long, but not anymore.
We will show everyone that Utah Black Votes Matter! 

If you are not able to get a mask, take advantage of A Mask for Every Utahn. Click the link to get more information on how to get a free mask.

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