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Deltas at service project

Economic Development

Purpose:  To change the trends and educate the community about the principles of saving and investing as well as controlled spending and disciplined consumerism.  To disseminate information on topics that include budgeting, saving, investing, planning for retirement, funding college/university expenses, and managing consumer credit as well as encouraging home ownership.

Educational Development

Purpose:  To promote the value and pursuit of education among youth within the Greater Salt Lake community to encourage and support our future leaders of tomorrow.

International Awareness and Involvement

Purpose:   To encourage involvement in international affairs; especially affairs that affect people of the African Diaspora. To educate the community at-large on current and ongoing issues within the international arena.

Physical and Mental Health

Purpose:   To provide assistance and resources to the Greater Salt Lake community on physical and mental health issues. The committee’s primary focus is educating and empowering people through activities and events. This includes monetary donations, personal testimonies, putting on workshops, and active hands on participation.

Political Awareness and Involvement

Purpose:   To keep the Greater Salt Lake area informed of current political and social issues on the local, state, and national levels.


Purpose:   This committee acts as a liaison for organizations bringing African/African-American music, literary, and artistic events to the Greater Salt Lake area and surrounding communities. Several events and projects are held throughout the year to enrich and enlighten.